Builder Registration FAQ

Step 1.

  • Complete the Registration Application Form 
  • Complete Technical Referee Report
  • Prepare a Portfolio of Domestic Building work to demonstrate your experience to the VBA

Step 2.

Sit the Examination – Appoximately 60 Computer based Multiple Choice Questions and Complete VBA Plan based Tests at the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) offices as at the Docklands.

Step 3.

1 – 3 hour Interview with a VBA Assessor 

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If you want more detailed information on the process of getting your Licence in Victoria – Go to the next question in our FAQs or visit the following link to the VBA website which provides you with the information and Forms necessary for Builders Registration.

How do I apply for a domestic building registration?

The first part of your Builder Registration involves completing a VBA Applicaiton Form and Technical Referee Report including an online Police Check.  You will also need to create a Portfolio that supports your experience with documentation such as Site Plans, Working Drawings, Engineering as well as Building Permit information and some photos of the work.

Once your Builders Registration application is fully completed send it with your Portfolio to the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) where your application is assessed. This is why the preparation of your application is crucial….. after all, it’s your first impression to the VBA! It is not uncommon for applicants who are not familiar with the Builder Registration process to have their application knocked back or requests for further information which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

If your application is approved by the VBA, you are notified of a suitable day and time to sit your Builders Registration computer based examination of approximately 60 multiple choice questions and complete VBA Plan Tests identifying faults, bracing, truss design or even bearers and joists layout, slab and roofing tests and other questions involving the use of span tables. (These "plans tests" are not plans you would see on a job site).

The Builder Registration examination goes for two- and a half hours. If you do not complete the test in the allocated time then you are likely to fail. It is also important to note that you are required to achieve a minimum mark of 70% for both parts of the examination to proceed to the next stage of your application. If you do not achieve 70% or higher in both part of the Builders Registration examination, your application will be refused and fees paid for your registration application will be lost and you will have to re-register and pay the Registration fees again if you want to reapply.

If you pass this part of the Builder Registration examination, you will be contacted to arrange a time for your face to face interview with a Domestic Competency Assessor. The Builders Licence Interview Questions may cover some of your Projects, Contracts, Legal requirements, Building Management, Building Technology and Business Management.  Interviews range from 1 to 3 hours. You are expected to have all the Acts, Regulations, NCC (National Contruction Code Volume 2), Australian Standards, The Guide to Standards and Tolerances and anything else that may further support your application.  This is where a solid knowledge of how and where to locate the relevant information in these documents is a must for successful Builders Registration! 

You will be notified in writing by the VBA generally two weeks after the Interview of their decision.

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All we can say is that we are surprised at the numbers of people who turn to us after failing the examination and plan tests once, twice and sometimes three times which becomes very expensive for them considering that every time you fail you have to pay registration fees all over again.
From our experience, we have found there are 2 main reasons why people fail:

            1. They are under-prepared because they don’t know what the Assessor is going to ask them so they don’t know what to prepare for often expecting that a Certificate IV or Diploma in Building and Construction is going to give them enough information and knowledge to get the through, OR
            2. There are those who have been in the industry for years and expect that their knowledge of building will get them through … which could not be further from the truth!! The examination and plans tests are about preparing with the right knowledge according to the Australian Standards, Acts, Regulations and the NCC which 99.9% of people in the building and construction industry don’t use on site or not regularly anyway.

Our information is designed to prepare you for each step in the Domestic Building assessment process and is continually being updated thanks to our clients who provide feedback after sitting their examinations, tests and Interview with VBA Assessor.

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If you want to get registered for your specific trade a Domestic Builder with a DB-L class may carry out, manage or arrange to carry out domestic building work specified in their Domestic Builder Limited Registration.
You can’t build an entire home with a DB-L but you can do certain components of the domestic building work and are able to legally do work over $10000 in your specific code with Domestic Builder Limited Registration.
Here is a list of Builder Registration -L (Limited) classes you can register for:

            • Construction of Non-habitable Building Structures
            • Construction of Gates & Fences
            • Construction of Retaining Walls
            • Construction of Swimming Pools & Spas
            • Construction of Private Bushfire Shelters
            • Construction of Shade Structures
            • Structural Landscaping
            • Construction of Retaining Walls work
            • Bathroom, Kitchens or Laundry Renovation
            • Earthworks and Excavation
            • Footings & Slabs
            • Carpentry
            • Framing
            • Bricklaying & Blocklaying
            • External Wall Cladding
            • Waterproofing
            • Door & Window Replacement/Installation
            • Site Works Involved in Relocating a Dwelling
            • Restumping and Re-Blocking
            • Cabinet Making, Joinery & Stair Construction
            • Sheet Plastering*
            • Solid Plastering & Rendering*
            • Floor Finishing and Covering*
            • Glazing*
            • Insulation*
            • Painting & Decorating*
            • Tiling (Floor & Wall)*
            • Attaching External Fixtures*
            • Erection of Poles, Masts & Antennas*

Please Note: * Registration is only required if you intend to carry out two or more of the above components of Domestic Building work under one contract.

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Many people don't get the results they'd expect when they go to the VBA because they know how to build BUT they don't know how to pass.

The experience you have on sites is often not related to questions asked in tests and this can be frustrating, costly and time consuming when you fail.

Many people we deal with haven't done a test or an interview in years so it helps to have the direction to know where to find information in Australia Standards and other publications that the VBA ask you to bring.

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The Building Act 1993 requires those who take-on work greater than $10,000 in the building industry must be a Registered Builder.

The VBA – Victorian Building Authority (the building industry regulatory body for Victoria) is responsible for Builder regulation enforcement through random audits and has the power to walk on to your site at any time and demand proof of Builder Registration. Penalties/fines apply to unregistered builders in relation to non-compliance… so having a Builder License is a must!

We are committed to providing you with the best possible customer service experience when assisting you with your Builders Licence. Builders Licence Made Easy takes your privacy seriously which is why we have created our Privacy Policy for your protection and security.

Builders License Made Easy will never sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone.

Builders License Made Easy is bound by The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act 1988) which sets out a number of principles concerning the privacy of individuals.

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Please contact the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) for clarification based on your specific Builder Registration / Builder Licence circumstances.

            • Building Act 1993
            • Building Regulations 2018
            • NCC National Construction Code (Volume Two)
            • AS 1684.4 Residential timber-framed construction (Part 4: Simplified – Non- Cyclonic Areas)
            • Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004
            • Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995
            • Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002
            • The Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2015
            • AS 2870 - 2011  Residential Slabs and Footings
            • AS 4773.2 - 2015 Masonry in Small Buildings – Part 2: Construction
            • AS 1926.1 - 2012 Swimming Pool Safety Part 1: Safety barriers for swimming pools

The following link to the VBA website provides you with all information necessary for Builders Registration.