The Builder Registration Course (incl Application)

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Our Courses are Via Zoom live face to face, find a date on our calendar below.  

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6 week course (1 night /week) 6pm – 9pm via Zoom live face to face

  • Small Group Training with Licenced Builder/Qualified Trainer
  • Access to over 550 Online Q&A Tests
  • Application & Portfolio Completed with our Specialist

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The Builder Registration Course (plus Application Completed)

Our Courses are Via Zoom live face to face

The Builder Registration Course is designed to give you the push, motivation and confidence to do one thing…. to achieve your goal to get your Builders Licence!

You will get step by step support from our experienced trainers with this Small group training Course.

If your passion is to become a Builder then this training is a must!


  • Small Group Training – We DON’T teach you how to build …we teach HOW TO PASS at the VBA
  • The 6-week Registration Course (3 hrs per week via Zoom live face to face) gets you confident because the topics covered get you ready to answer questions at the VBA
  • “Hands-on training” by Qualified Trainer & Licenced Builder
  • Designed to help you with every step of the Registration process
  • Learning for your tests and examination at the VBA
  • Planning for the face to face interview at the VBA
  • Application Forms & Portfolio – Completed and prepared for you
  • Our Guarantee – Pass at the VBA …. Or resit the Course FREE!

Here’s What You Get:


6 week course (1 night /week) 6pm – 9pm via Zoom live face to face

  • Sessions get you ready, confident and prepared
  • Focus is on you understanding the right knowledge to pass at the VBA.
  • Learning Materials and bonus information provided in the Course
  • All practice plans and test drawing with practice exercises are all included
  • These aren’t the type of plans you work with on site …… this is the stuff you have to prepare for your VBA Builders Registration
  • We work with you to achieve the technical knowledge to prepare for the VBA examination and interview with the assessor at the VBA
  • FREE* membership to our 11 Online Tests with access to over 550 multiple choice questions and answers (set up on the same format as the tests you get at the VBA)
  • Up to date info from our clients’ feedback gives you a real advantage
  • You have Access to the Tests anywhere, anytime 24/7 on your tablet or computer*


  • We have dedicated Registration specialists to complete the forms required for your Registration with you including Application Forms, Technical Referee Report and your Portfolio
  • We guide you throughout the whole process to achieve the result you want
  • You will receive a Completed Portfolio ready to submit to the VBA…. hassle free!

* Access to Q&A Online Tests is for 8 months to allow you time to apply for Registration and get yourself ready.

**VBA application fee not included

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