Your Builder Registration is now closer than ever!


After failing my first attempt at my DBU, I contacted BLME and I was so glad I did!

The premium learning pack had it all, the plan exercises and practice exams were so helpful, I could do them on my phone at smoko!

I highly recommend the one on one interview also. Michael prepared me on how to present myself not only on appearance but mostly how to sell myself as a Builder.

Passed with flying colors thanks to Michael and his team.

Cheers guys!

Matthew Newton – DB-U 59587

Hi Michael, I would like to thank you for everything you helped me with to obtain my Domestic Builders Unlimited License. From the moment we first met up you were very quick to realise that I was not confident with the whole process and more importantly not confident in myself. You gave me the re assurance and the confidence that I needed to get through it. 

 I started this whole process approximately 3 months ago with little knowledge of what was to be expected within the interview with the VBA. After consulting with other registration training companies I was not satisfied with what they had to offer until I met Michael and purchased the premium pack. Having been a supervisor/project manager for a builder for 7 years I can honestly say that all the information and plan tests that the premium pack contained, it did not matter how many years experience I have had building, I would say its next to impossible to prepare yourself for this without the help of this premium pack. If anyone is about to go through the registration process, I highly recommend you get in contact with Builders Licence Made Easy.

Andrew Mamone – DB-U 59221

Thanks a lot for your support and encouragement. Without your help, it wouldn't have been possible.
Kind Regards

Daya – DB-U 61090

Builders Licence Made Easy 帮助我顺利的拿到了DB-U, 感谢Michael所提供的所有帮助。通过学习premium package中提供的内容,我顺利的一次通过了笔试和面试,对于所有希望取得建筑师资质的朋友,Builders Licence Made Easy是你的不二选择。

Claude Bai  – DB-U 47971

"I know I would never have submitted my application or even gotten my DBU registration had it not been for Michael and Irene at BLME.  They made it possible for me to achieve my dream of becoming a registered building practitioner.  I would highly recommend anyone thinking of going down this road to contact Michael and Irene at BLME. They make it happen and they really do know what it takes to get registered.  Plus they are great people to work with in general.  They motivate you to get registered which is what I needed most.  Thanks Michael and Irene couldn't have done it without you!"

Stephanie La  – DB-U 47190

Thankyou Builders licence Made Easy Team, you did make it easy. I was worried that English was not my first language but I bought the Premium pack first which was a great help and I had a one on one coaching. This helped me to understand and get my DB-U.
Thank you for helping me to get Builders Registration.
I will recommend you to anyone that wants to get Registered.

Many Thanks
Drasko Culic – DB-U 45438

I am now 67 and an ex-NSW licensed  Builder and I have just got my DB-U registration. I thought I knew it all but after trying some of BLME test questions I realized I had forgotten a hell of a lot. Michaels help was invaluable and necessary. Even with all my years of experience (since age 18) I still needed help to pass the exam. The process is definitely not an easy one and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Without the premium study pack and Michaels pre interview coaching I doubt if I would have got through first time around.  Thanks Michael.


John Bond – DB-U 46166

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to Builders Licence Made Easy, I just got my builders DB-U number. The Premium Pack information that you gave me with the practice questions were outstanding. Very similar to the questions asked by the VBA. I have no doubt at all if I didn’t seek your assistance it would have been extremely difficult. It was hard enough with professional assistance and the coaching your company provides. I would strongly suggest people becoming a registered builder to use your service. You still have to study but your info really helps to get the knowledge. Thanks again to you and your team Michael.

Kind Regards

Hayden Kelleher
(Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 45491
Project Manager – Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative

“With ten plus years of experience within the industry I was still hesitant about the process and what study to undertake to get my builder’s registration. Speaking with my business partner who has gained his registration with the help of Michael and the team at Builders Licence Made Easy it was an easy decision to get in contact. The DB-U & DB-M Premium Pack and the One on one sessions with Michael gave me the confidence I needed to apply and gain my own DB-U registration.”

Many thanks for all the help and guidance you prepared me with until I was finally registered.

Matthew Jeffers
(Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 45162
Skyline Construction Group Pty Ltd

“Hi Michael, Just let you know I just got my Building licence. Thanks so much for all you did.

1. The DBU premium information pack I got is the most important information for building up the construction industry knowledge.
2. The online tests give me more practice, make all the questions easy to keep it in mind.
3. The one to one coach, help me review all the questions, like a real interview.
This makes me so confident to face my real assessor. Thanks you so much. Michael. This three of the part make my dream come true.
Also, you are good personality. You help me build up the confident when I am in the interview.”

在你的帮助下, 顺利的通过面试官的考核。拿到了注册建筑证书。
过重复的阅读你的材料, 完全把考试中的重点都归纳出来。
最后再加上面对面的问答。 还有你认真耐心的讲解, 使我全面的理解了所有不懂的问题。
而且, 你帮助我建立自信。 使我真正的在面试官面前完美的发挥。最终拿下建筑许可证。

Gary Qiang Chen
(Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 44510

“Michael, I would like to thank you and the team for assisting me in obtaining my domestic builders license. Irrespective of completing university degrees prior, nothing could of given me the resources and most importantly the confidence to undergo the rigorous VBA process like your “Builders License Made Easy” program. 

After being skeptical at first after an internet search due to the many false promises of other companies that offer similar programs – i am relieved that i put the skepticism to the side and obtained your Premium Information Pack. It gave me the tools and enabled me to study effectively, efficiently and be thoroughly prepared for the entire assessment process.

I wish you the best of luck and once again thank you thoroughly for taking the time out to assist me through the entire process with my multitude of phone calls!

Your a legend!”

Farah Salem
(Domestic Builder Manager) DB-M 44449
Salem Built

“I bought your online questions and answer for my DBU and then upgraded to the Premium Package.

This really helped me to prepare for the examination and my interview. Thanks for all the help it was a great help in getting my DBU.

Thanks heaps”
Adam Waters – East Bendigo
(Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 44551

“I want to thank your team for the direct and accurate information in helping me prepare and understand what was required to get my DB-U. After our first conversation I was confident that you knew what you were talking about particularly with the large numbers of people you’ve helped to get their Registrations.

The Premium Pack is a must have if you want to really prepare. It’s one thing to have experience in the industry and being on site and the other is to pass the examinations and plans tests. Going through the information in this pack was the difference between passing and failing. I was amazed at how close your information was to the real tests.

I would recommend the Premium Pack to anyone who wants up to date information to get their Builders Licence and the few face to face coaching sessions made all the difference. I appreciate your assistance and I will pass on your details without hesitation Cheers,”

Brendan Robinson – (Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 44349
BMR Builders

“I had the fortune and pleasure of meeting Michael during the process of becoming a registered builder and I can say without hesitation that the assistance and information received from Builders Licence Made Easy was the difference between failure and success. As anyone knows who is aiming to become a registered builder, there are so many stories and myths floating around the industry about what one will encounter when they finally apply to the VBA.

It was extremely refreshing to meet such a genuine and honest person whose primary purpose and concern is to see others succeed and fulfil their dreams of becoming registered. The Builders Licence cleverly tailored program along with the opportunity to have one-on-one coaching was invaluable to me and whilst it does not guarantee success, it does provide you the best opportunity to navigate the challenges put before you by the VBA. As many will testify, ultimately the final outcome is a direct result of the effort one puts in but having such a wonderful resource such as Builders Licence Made Easy was so reassuring and confidence building. Thanks again to Michael and his team for playing a significant role in helping me realise a lifelong dream. I hope many other prospective builders will do the same!”

Angelo Gargiso
(Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 43713
ABG Constructions

“Being 26 years old, I was told by a lot of people that I was too young to go for a DB-U but I spoke to Builders Licence Made Easy, bought the Premium Pack and started to go through the information. It really helped me understand the stuff I needed to know with the online questions and answers and the example plan tests. A few areas I needed a bit of coaching with was sorted out over a couple of one on one sessions with Michael to make sure I was confident.
Thanks for all your help. Now I’ve got my DB-U I’m going to send my business partner so you can help him get registered! Thanks”

Liam Robertson
(Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 43770
Skyline Constructions  Pty Ltd

“I am writing to thank you for your support and say how much your system helped me through the process of both the exam and the interview. Honestly, I can’t imagine having attempted either of these milestones without having used your questions and plans. In addition the one on one sessions we had were invaluable, really helpful and I would have had no idea where to focus my attention in the study of the material without your help. I had to work hard regardless but thanks to builders licence made easy, I got through both the exam and the interview process first time! Thanks again and I want to highly recommend your system and services to anyone who is looking to get a licence. No other way to put it but it would be crazy not to and for the extra expense it is well worth it. Cheers,”

Jon Wright
Director – PJ WILL FIX IT

“..I have just passed my DB-U exam.  I thought it would be a breeze to get with all my many years of building experience.  Another big mistake. The fact that I could build houses had nothing to do with anything.  I now needed to know how to pass exams.  In my first go at one of your sample tests I got a result of 54%.  That clearly wasn’t going to do.  I bought the Premium Pack one month before my exam and sailed thru.  I would not have passed without it.  It is too important a task to go to unprepared.  You need to be right up to date and well practiced to achieve their 70% pass mark.  Don’t try it without Michael’s help because you will be sorely disappointed.  Now to knock over the interview with the Assessor from the VBA.  I will certainly seek your help with that too.

Thanks for giving me a helping hand.”
John – Geelong

“Builders Licence Made Easy gave me the resources to ensure all aspects of the registration process were covered (Application Folder, Test, Interview).

Michael was a great support and a motivating force. I would recommend not only the online resources, but meeting with Michael at key stages to ensure maximum preparation and eventual success. Worth every cent!

Thanks again, Cheers”

Vincenzo Intemerato
(Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 43868
Intem Building & Construction

“Just thought I’d let you know I passed all the tests and interviews and am now registered. Thanks for all your help.

When you read up about the requirements from the VBA the whole thing is so daunting but your information helped me through it and I want to thank you for taking my calls and helping me along the way. I have passed on your details to a couple of colleagues and will continue to do so.

Thanks again, Cheers”

Steven Millard
DB-L Carpentry 43739
Jims Franchise Group (Building & Maintenance)

“I wish to provide this reference for all persons who are currently involved and or contemplating the Builder’s registration process.

I have worked in the construction industry as a Solid Plasterer for 32 years. During this time I have contemplated becoming a registered Building Practitioner on numerous occasions, however with a constant barrage of negative opinions in relation to the qualification and exam processes’, I had reluctantly backed away from the idea. In this reference, I wish to dispel the negativity and general fears and encourage all persons to utilise builders’ license made easy to achieve there ultimate goals.

I openly admit that the process can be difficult and time consuming, especially in the absence of accurate and concise information , enter Builders License made easy. By purchasing one of the relevant study packages, I was able to fully prepare myself for the Exam and for the interview.
The package I purchased allowed me to thoroughly correlate information from the NCC, Timber Framing manual, Acts and Regulations – with the aid of the Multiple choice and Fault finding exercises, I was more than ready for what was to follow with a significant degree of increased confidence. The exercises are accurate and allow you to obtain a sound understanding of the information you are processing which in turn simplifies everything.

I wish to state without reservation, that the services offered by the Builders Licence Made Easy will most certainly guarantee any person there Builders Licence – A fantastic company offering assistance and clarity in a field which otherwise offers very little – Don’t waste your time and money with expensive memberships and do not procrastinate or listen to negative speculation, this is achievable – Michael and his team will get you across the line.

Chase the dream with Builder’s License made easy at your side, YOU WILL SUCCEED!”

(Domestic Builder Manager) DB-M 43698
Buildpro Constructions & Developments

“Seems as the dust has now settled since completing the licencing and registration for DBU I thought I would email you to thank you for your help throughout the process.

Right from the first minute I first spoke with you I felt reassured that you knew exactly what was required to successfully gain registration as a DB-U in Victoria. With so much site talk and hearsay surrounding the whole process it was a relief to finally deal with someone who had recently completed registration himself and cut straight to the facts. On your advice I purchased the DB-U premium information pack and used that to direct my study focus – what a valuable tool it proved to be ! Having completed a Diploma of Building and Construction I felt adequately equipped and prepared to tackle the assessor interview and life as a building practitioner but your information and products highlighted any deficiencies that I had and indeed have made me a better practitioner for the future.
In the future my only advice to prospective practitioners will be to contact Builders Licence Made Easy and to follow Michaels advice to the letter. Thank you again for your help. Regards”

Christopher Hunger – (Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 43873
Gentrify Pty Ltd

“I found “Builders Licence Made Easy” very helpful when it came to applying for my unlimited domestic building registration. I purchased the premium pack and would recommend it to anyone applying for their registration. Michael and the team gave great advise along with the list of questions and answers for the exam, and the examples of the plan test, it was a great asset to have. Money well spent, worth every dollar.”

David Millard
(Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 43618
Millard and Hogan Builders P/L

“Hi Guys, I would like to let you know that yesterday I attended the exam for DB-U registration.

Firstly, I would like to thank Michael and your company for your assistance. I have been involved in property development for more than 20 years, however I am not a carpenter as my technical background is in: management, engineering, design and cabinet making.

Knowledge that i have acquired through “Builders License Made Easy” was absolutely essential for the exam process. Learning through “Builders License Made Easy” was also the most effective form of learning for the following reasons:

– you can learn in your own time
– you can repeat the learning process until you get things right
– Learning environment is similar to the assessment environment
– Practical drawings make the learners aware of the level of complexity that they can expect as part of their exam.
– Most importantly through this learning process learners can develop necessary speed at which they can work through a series of questions.
– Without repetitive practicing at “Builders License Made Easy” it would have been impossible to complete the exam in 2 hours.
– Obviously, the program cannot be used as a silver bullet for DB-U & DB-M, however, it is a very important and extremely useful tool that i would highly recommend to all candidates.

I am quietly optimistic about my chances to pass the exam. In any case I am very happy about my progress. Once again – Michael, thank you for your support Cheers,”

Dr Joe Husidic
Company Mentor & Managing Director
Wiseman Institute of Applied Learning

“I would like to commend you for taking the time to help with my building registration process early this year. The learning material has been exceptional yet so simple and accurate which made the task of obtaining my DB-U license much easier.

I can comfortably say that without your help, over 15 years of experience in the industry alone was not enough to successfully complete the exams. Once again we wish to thank you and the staff of Builders Licence Made Easy for your effort and contribution.”

Enes Bajrektarevic
(Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 43080
EB DESIGN VISION Architectural Building Designers

“Thanks to your Team I got my DB-U! I cannot thank you all enough for helping me through the whole process.
After hearing all the horror stories of people going for it and failing you made the process easy to understand. You know exactly what you’re talking about because everything you told me and all the information you gave me was excellent!

The service you provided was top quality and I would recommend anyone going for Registration to speak to you, use information and get your help because without it I’d still be scrambling around in the dark trying to make sense of the whole thing! The way your information is set out made it easy to work through and simplified the whole thing by pointing me in the right direction.

Now I’ve got my DB-U I’ve got a few guys who have already got interested to come and see you. I will definitely send them to you and I know you will get them through! I will recommend your Team to anyone that I come across who wants to get registered. Thanks!”

Mat Calcutt
(Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 43465
Calcon Constructions

“I just wanted to write this to thank you guys!!
Just been for my interview and thanks to the DB-U Premium Pack I had all the information to fly through it.
I have to tell you that the Assessor commented on the professionalism of my Business Plan. I’m glad I got you to do it. Thanks Irene for your Business Plan Service I saved so much time and it set up a good impression and made my application look professional.

All the information you supplied in the Premium pack helped me to confidently go into the examination and plan reading tests and I got fantastic results…. I would have never got through the whole process without your guidance even though I’ve been a chippy for years!

Thanks also Michael for the coaching sessions which just helped me to get confident. I haven’t done a test or examination for years so you’re coaching helped me out greatly.
Thanks again… I would recommend Builders Licence Made Easy to anyone who seriously wants to get there DB-U. It was worth every cent!!!”

Michael Gagliardi
Domestic Builder Unlimited (DB-U 42818)
Demardi Building Services

“It had been such a long time since I had sat any kind of exam I wasn’t sure where to start. After buying the Premium Pack and receiving coaching the entire process became easier and quicker as it showed me exactly what I needed to know and where to find it.
It simplified the entire process.

You guys were happy to take phone calls throughout the entire process regardless of how minor or silly the question was. You always got back to me asap.
Without you guys I wouldn’t have my DB-U today. Thank you!

I mean every part of it, I really appreciated your help.”

Robert Malter
Domestic Builder Unlimited (DB-U 42937)
Urban Empire/ Malter Constructions

“After building homes for 15 years I couldn’t understand how I failed my exam/plan test but after I failed twice at the VBA I knew I needed help.
I found you guys on the internet and the rest is history. You definitely know what’s going on and your Premium Pack helped me get Registered (DB-U).

After spending all that time and money getting no-where in a hurry your information helped me prepare and I got it.
I will tell anyone I come across wanting to go for their Builder Licence to speak to you. You saved me so much time and money and your info was spot on.”


Steve – Geelong
Domestic Builder Unlimited (DB-U)

“I would like to take the time to thank you for all of your help and advice on obtaining my domestic unlimited building licence.

Your thorough and detailed exercises have made me gain a better understanding of the building practitioners board’s requirements, when applying and carrying out the examinations

Once again thank you for all your help”

Jim Andrian
Domestic Builder Unlimited (DB-U 43202)
JA Project Services Pty Ltd

“I found about your material through the internet and after comparing few options available online, I chose to go ahead with Builders licence made easy because this looked more appealing in terms of coverage of the contents.

I bought the pack and went through all the questions more than once and guess what, they were very useful not only in terms of appearing for the licence exam but that material gave me a lot of knowledge which I use in my daily routine as a busy builder.

I also met Michel in person to discuss few doubts that I had in terms of AS 1684 (TFM). This meeting was very useful and I was able to clear all my doubts in no time.

I got my DBU in first go and I would gladly recommend Builders licence made easy help to anyone.

Thanks for your help.”

Ambresh Gautam
Domestic Builder Unlimited (DB-U 42138)
Paragon Builders Pty Ltd

“I looked at several providers and chose Builders Licence Made Easy because of how professional the service was and the knowledge and experience of its staff and secure online access 24/7. It’s one thing applying for a builders licence it is another knowing about the process and how to work through it.

Would I recommend Michael & the team at Builders Licence Made Easy to help you prepare for your builders licence test and interview? Definitely.

Without the training materials and one on coaching I received personally from Michael I would not have gotten through. With the process to get your builders licence getting more rigorous each year it is money well spent to ensure you are as prepared as you can be so that you get through first time.”

Dan – Bacchus Marsh

“Thanks for rewriting my Business Plan in a way which appealed to the Building Practitioners Board.
It was a straight forward and less daunting process with your assistance!


Bill Van Hecke
Domestic Builder Unlimited (DB-U 42404)
Aurora Constructions

“I recently sat my examination for my Builders Registration so during the process of preparing for it I decided to purchase the Premium Pack through Michael at Builders Licence Made Easy.

Michael was happy to take phone calls to help me through the process and thanks to the help I got through the Premium Pack and coaching it made the whole process easier and quicker and gave myself the confidence to sit the exam tests and interview.

A lot of the questions in this pack were quite similar to the ones in the examination, but the best part was it taught me how to read the books I needed to know.
I would recommend buying the packages from Builders Licence Made Easy to anyone studying for their registration. Money well spent.”

Tom Harris
Domestic Builder Unlimited (DB-U 42170)

“I have just received my DB-U registration number and all i can say is thank you.

Thank you to Michael and the team. The premium pack gave me a structure to stick by with my study. The question and answer tests gave me confidence in finding information through out the relevant acts, NCC and standards, and the one on one session with Michael i feel is what prepared me the most. Thank you for the confidence you showed in me and answering any questions i had, even if i thought they were stupid!

I have already and will continue to recommend your services to those that are serious about obtaining registration. Thanks again”

Lyly House – (DB-U 45914) Domestic Builder Unlimited

I would just like to thank Michael and all his team for all of their assistance in helping me obtain my Domestic Builders Licence Unlimited.
As most of us hear the horror stories of people’s experiences with the VBA with all of Michael’s study products and one on one coaching I went into the interview feeling confident that I was fully prepared for anything they threw at me. It’s not a walk in park by any means but if you study hard and follow Michael’s study methods you will be in the best position possible.
There are so many companies out there promising the earth but they seem to be more interested in taking your hard earned money. Don’t waste any more of your time and money, call Michael and his team at Builders Licence Made Easy and make dreams a reality, you won’t regret it.”

Tim Dellar – Domestic Builder Unlimited (DB-U 45933)

I am now 67 and an ex-NSW licensed Builder and I have just got my DB_U registration. I thought I knew it all but after trying some of BLME test questions I realized I had forgotten a hell of a lot. Michaels help was invaluable and necessary. Even with all my years of experience (since age 18) I still needed help to pass the exam. The process is definitely not an easy one and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Without the premium study pack and Michaels pre interview coaching I doubt if I would have got through first time around.
Thanks Michael

John Bond – (Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB_U 46166

“After having my Business Plan prepared by another company I wasn’t happy and that is how I found you on the internet. The Business Plan you prepared for me made my business look very professional for my application and your DB-U Premium Pack helped me to understand what I needed to know but it also showed me what I needed to do to pass the examination and the interview. The coaching sessions I had from you also helped me to be confident with the exercises and helped to take away some of the nerves I had. The way you explained it to me made it easy to understand. Michael you are a great teacher!

Even though I had done many builds it still does not help with getting registered. I would recommend anyone to speak to you to help them prepare for registration. You made the difficult process to get registered so much easier. Thank you.

I can comfortably say that without your help, over 15 years of experience in the industry alone was not enough to successfully complete the exams. Once again we wish to thank you and the staff of Builders Licence Made Easy for your effort and contribution.”

Ahmad El-Abdalla – (Domestic Builder Unlimited) DB-U 43702
Starlight Home Constructions P/L